Spray & Go 2L Turbo Application 2 Pack

Looking for a mildew remover, an effective mould, moss and algae control? Our 2 pack gives you twice the coverage (up to 600m2).

Spray & Go 2L Turbo 2 Pack.
Great pack for spraying larger areas.
Coverage of up to 600m2 depending on surface


The Spray & Go 2L Turbo 2 Pack is ideal for those larger jobs. The 2 pack can spray up to 600m2 of area depending on the level of treatment required.  Areas that have black mould or thick concentrations of moss may require a second spray to the area. For really bad areas a light brush maybe be needed to break up the thick stuff.

The 2 Pack is suitable for people with larger homes and outdoor areas or small to medium size commercial properties.

Tradies and Commercial cleaners love out Spray and Go product because it’s easy to apply, kills growth within a 24hr period and protects from regrowth for up to 12 months.

The 2 Pack comes with the Spray & Go 2 Litre Application which has the hose end applicator on it. the other bottle is a refill. The hoes-end applicator easily unscrews from the used bootle and screws into the 2nd full bottle.

Spend less time spraying and more time relaxing or getting onto the next job.

Get Spray & Go Turbo today!

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