McGregors 5L Pressure Sprayer

McGregors 5L Pressure Sprayer is a great accompaniment to the Spray and Go 5L & 20L concentrate products for providing an even spray for your applications.


The McGregors 5L Pressure Sprayer is a great for applying Spray & Go Moss & Mould treatments.

Also can be used for spraying the of Ornamentals, Vegetables, Fruit Trees, Weed Spraying.


  • Brass Lance
  • Extension Lance
  • Nozzle
  • 650mm Reach
  • Extension Lance length 300mm
  • 5L Container
  • Simple easy to use pump action sprayer.

Safety Instructions

  • Always wear protective gloves and mask when spraying.
  • Avoid spraying in strong winds.
  • If spraying in light wind always spray with the wind at your back.
  • Always release pressure before refilling or servicing.
  • Do not leave sprayer unattended while pressurised.

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